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Essence of Aspira

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Retirement living is your opportunity for a new beginning.

Your next move should take you to a vibrant community where you’ll have choices and can create your own path. That’s why we offer a plan to help you stay active, inspired and comfortable. A plan that’s full of first choices. It’s time for Plan A. Introducing Aspira.

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Aspira is Home

Does living at home feel more like a strain than a sanctuary? Or perhaps you are simply longing for companionship. Aspira is designed with you in mind to meet your individual needs and give you that sense of convenience you’ve been missing. We know you’ve built a lifetime of memories in your home; that’s why we’ll help you transition and make new ones. It’s time for a fresh start. It’s time for Aspira.

Aspira for Choice

With our Active by Aspira signature fitness program, you’ll keep and maintain all the pep in your step with classes at your comfort level. When you don’t have to worry about meals or housework, you stay open to all the exciting possibilities Aspira has to offer.

Aspira is Community

Come and live in a vibrant community where we will help you build new connections and feel supported. Immerse yourself in new hobbies or passions in our Explore by Aspira recreational programming. Join a community with friendly neighbours and the chance to learn and grow together. Whether you’re celebrating milestones, enjoying meals, or exploring the surrounding area, you will always feel like you belong. So, if you’re ready to be welcomed to our community with open arms, Aspira is right for you.