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You may have lots of questions, so we’ve prepared the below to help you find the answers. However, those answers may vary depending on where you live. To ensure we give you the most relevant and accurate information possible, don't hesitate to contact us at anytime.

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Frequently asked questions about Independent Living


Independent Living residences cater to seniors who can manage their daily lives with little to no assistance. They offer private accommodation, along with shared amenities, delicious and nourishing meals and organized social activities to foster a warm, vibrant community. At Aspira, independent living means all the freedom and flexibility of living on your own, without day-to-day responsibilities.

Prices for senior Independent Living vary depending on location, size, and the amenities available, so it's essential to check with individual residences for updated information. Please contact an Aspira sales advisor at 1866-959-4848 for more information.

At Aspira, Independent Living is for seniors who can live independently. Senior Assisted Living services range from minimal assistance to comprehensive support. This includes independent living (little to no support), assisted living (help with daily tasks, bathing, transfers, dining etc), and memory care (specialized support for people with early-stage dementia).

Key aspects include the physical environment, safety features, available amenities, the quality of social activities, cost, location, and the level of customer service. Personal preferences and lifestyle should guide your choice. At Aspira retirement residences, we place a high premium on all these factors to provide personalized and premium care within a warm, vibrant community.

In Independent Living at Aspira seniors live in a community of their peers, usually in individual suites. Residents maintain their independence and have access to shared amenities, community activities, and meals. Optional services like housekeeping and laundry are available. 

Independent Living and Seniors' Apartments both offer wonderful places for retirees to live happily and with independence, but they do have some differences. Independent Living is like a large, friendly neighborhood for seniors who can take care of themselves. Included in the monthly fees are meals, fitness and recreational activities, and handy services like housekeeping. Plus, there's always someone on hand if you need urgent help.
Seniors’ Apartments offer even more independence but all the comforts of independent living. Meals and optional services would be an additional fee in Seniors’ Apartment.